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In this section, you can find several examples of how to deploy plgd hub with external OAuth2.0 Server or with mocked one for development purposes.

In our GitHub repository you can find charts/ folder with plgd hub Helm chart. This chart is automatically published to the Helm registry during the release. Version of the chart is in sync with the appversion, matching the release tag (e.g. 2.1.1). All configuration values are documented here.

A communication between devices, clients and plgd hub is secured as well as between plgd hub services. To simplify the deployment and certificate management, Certificate Manager, required dependency, have to be deployed in your Kubernetes cluster.

        kubectl apply -f
        // helm repo add plgd
// helm repo update
Hang tight while we grab the latest from your chart repositories...
...Successfully got an update from the "plgd" chart repository

// helm repo list

// helm search repo plgd
plgd/plgd-dps   0.9.0           0.9.0           A Helm chart for plgd device provisioning service
plgd/plgd-hub   2.7.15          2.7.15          A Helm chart for plgd-hub

Hub Deployment focuses on deploying the plgd hub, which serves as a central management system for your devices. By utilizing HTTP, gRPC, and Cloud2Cloud API, you can effectively control and interact with your devices. The documentation offers detailed instructions and information to guide you through the hub deployment process.

Learn more about Hub deployment

Device Provisioning Service Deployment extends the capabilities of the hub deployment by introducing the Device Provisioning Service. This service enables you to onboard devices to the hub seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The documentation outlines the steps and resources required for deploying the Device Provisioning Service.

Learn more about Device Provisioning Service deployment

May 24, 2023

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