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Deployment diagram

Quickest way how to install your own instance of the plgd hub is to use the Mock OAuth2.0 Server. With this option enabled, no authentication is available. The JWT token is automatically issued for the default user.


The Mock OAuth Server should only be utilized for testing and development purposes. Exercise additional caution when using it! For production environments, please follow the deployment instructions provided in the Advanced Configuration section to ensure proper setup.

        echo "
  domain: \"\"
  hubId: \"d03a1bb4-0a77-428c-b78c-1c46efe6a38e\"
  enabled: true" > withMock.yaml

helm upgrade -i -n plgd --create-namespace -f withMock.yaml hub plgd/plgd-hub

To use microk8s or a similar kubernetes system, ensure that the ingress, dns, and storage add-ons are enabled. Additionally, configure your Kubernetes cluster to resolve the private domain * through the designated DNS server. For microk8s, use microk8s enable dns:{DNS_SERVER} to set up the DNS server.

Deployment of the plgd hub to the Kubernetes cluster is then initiated. Status of the deployment can be verified by calling kubectl -n plgd get all. When all pods are up and running, the plgd Dashboard will become available on your configured domain (e.g.

If you install the plgd hub into, it is also required to enable nodePort for the CoAP Gateway Service and extend the port range of the K8S API Server. To extend the port range, add --service-node-port-range=5683-32767 to /var/snap/microk8s/current/args/kube-apiserver. For the CoAP Gateway Service, apply following values:

    type: NodePort
    nodePort: 5684

This configuration should only be applied in a test environment!

In order to deploy the Device Provisioning Service to a production environment, please refer to the Advanced Configuration section for detailed instructions.

Nov 1, 2021

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